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English Information

Welcome to the website of the Spanish Association of Deans of Nursing Faculties (CNDE). This website has been designed for two purposes. On the one hand, it is an information and communication tool for all the Association members as well as a common ground to share our interests and experiences. Secondly, we would like to present ourselves as an organisation to other Nursing Schools, academic institutions and professional organisations both at national and international levels.

We are currently facing the challenge of a new management phase at the Spanish Association of Deans of Nursing Faculties in the coming years. This is a significant change within a university system in the midst of an adaptation process to the European High Education Area (EHEA), which demands critical thinking in the development of the Nursing degree curricular programme. Last but not least, there is the demand for professors to obtain a PhD in order to fully develop the university courses at our Nursing Schools.

The Association intends to face this scenario fostering actions adapted to the idea of teaching quality and the necessary innovation to implement them.

This is by all means a great challenge. In addition, the implementation of all these changes oriented towards innovation will demand an organisational culture at Schools that should meet the requirements for change. It has to develop teaching quality concepts in a coherent line with the EHEA basic standards. In other words, the main objective of the teaching-learning process should be the development of the students´ skills. Moreover, this process has to be focused on innovation and creativity. All these goals should be accomplished bearing in mind societal needs, the development of our profession and the academic work.

Accepting this responsibility involves not only to redesign an educational project, but also to coherently foster actions in pedagogical areas that generate real teaching practice changes in scenarios such as the University and health centres. Bearing this commitment in mind, we present ourselves.

The CNDE’s Mission is to become a common ground to share, think and analyse topics with an impact on university nursing training and the management of Centres with an academic, social and professional orientation.

The CNDE’s Vision is to be an organisation that is recognised as a representative body of all the Centres taking part in the Association, regardless their administrative dependence due to their activities in aspects related to Nursing teaching. An organisation that promotes meetings among professors, facilitates initiative sharing and fosters innovation. A body that strengthens the social aspect of Nursing teaching and its commitment to society.

The Association´s Values are as follows:

  • Respectful: It acknowledges diversity, plurality of ideas, different ways to work and disagreement as opportunities to build common spaces and projects.
  • Responsible: It makes commitments and is fully involved to properly run the Association and acting with coherence.
  • Rigorous: It accomplishes a systematic and consensual revision of the proposals for growth and improvement of all the nursing university centres.
  • Transparent: It fosters communication based on transparency, honesty, clarity and information sharing among all centres.
  • Open minded: It facilitates the incorporation and participation of centres and its members to enrich university teaching and make it grow.
  • Creative: It generates and incorporates work, suggestions and innovation regarding teaching and offers them to centres in order to foster research.
  • Participative: It creates a common ground to work and cooperate in order to share knowledge and information, as well as to make Nursing research and teaching evolve.

This website is structured as follows:

CONÓCENOS, section where you can find the Association´s Statutes (ESTATUTOS CONFERENCIA), its organisation (ORGANIZACIÓN), the current management board (JUNTA DIRECTIVA), the election regulations (REGLAMENTO ELECTORAL) and some work committees (COMISIONES DE TRABAJO).

In the MIEMBROS section you will find the current census on centres that take part in the Association by Spanish Autonomous Communities. You can also get to know the representatives of all these centres in the Association. In addition, you will have access to the websites of all the CNDE members.

In the FORMACIÓN section, you will find information on postgraduate programmes offered by Spanish Universities for nurses (MÁSTERES UNIVERSITARIOS), current PhD programmes in Spain (DOCTORADO), information on the accreditation and assessment of the teaching staff at Spanish Universities (PROFESORADO), and finally, information on Nursing specialisations (ESPECIALIDADES).

In the DOCUMENTATION section, you will find legal documentation on both Spanish university teaching and European directives (LEGAL); documentation of general interest for Spanish university professors (GENERAL); and information of professional interest targeted to the nursing collective as a whole (DE INTERÉS GENERAL).

In the ENLACES section, you will find links of interest both to the Spanish Ministry website and other scientific associations in general. You can also find links to Spanish agencies at regional and national levels regarding university quality.

In the tab NOTICIAS, you will find news on the CNDE, its members, nursing professors, as well as on the profession. Their importance will have to do with their relation and/or impact on the academic field.

Finally, the EVENTOS section will list events that may be of interest for nursing professionals.

The ÁREA PRIVADA section is an intranet with exclusive access for CNDE members.

The Association hopes this information helps you browse our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us on the following e-mail should you have any other enquiries: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

From here, and on behalf of all the Association members, I sincerely welcome you to this website. We hope to make the most of the contributions from all the website visitors.

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